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Developers of the GM70 amplifier

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Henrik Westerberg

Henrik has many years of experience in mechanical design and precision machining.  Designer and constructor of the chassis. Founder and owner of Knispel Audio AB.

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1940 - 2023

Erik is a well-known designer of tube amplifiers in Sweden. He is perhaps even more well-known outside Swedish borders, and recognized by many as the designer who, for the common man, put tube amplifiers on the world map again, during a time when the dominance of the transistor was almost total. Erik is the designer of the electrical circuit.


Master of Science in Engineering from KTH in Stockholm. Specialist in CAD and product development. Contributed regarding "Erik Signature 70" with construction of the remote control system.


Power grid electrician and very experienced in tube audio technology, where he has contributed to Knispel Audio with testing components and fine-tuning working points for the amplifier.

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