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Erik Andersson 1940 - 2023

Erik began his career as a 15-year-old building shortwave transmitters, which he happily used without a license! Despite the authoritys diligent tracking attempts, they never managed to catch him!

A few years later, he received a solid education in radio and amplifier technology, from which he benefited during the sixties when he made a living as a TV technician.

In 1974, Erik started the hi-fi shop Dalaljud, which he later moved to Stockholm and renamed Ljudbutiken.

In the 1980s, there were only a few manufacturers of tube amplifiers on the world market. Most worked in Klass-AB/B and commanded relatively high prices.


From England, and with the brand Audio Innovations, Erik launched together with Peter Qvortrup during the mid-80s, among other things, integrated tube amplifiers that worked in class A and of high quality, at prices that did not empty the bank account. These were sold all over the world.


After his time with Audio Innovations, Erik returned to Sweden in 1987 and launched amplifier kits under the name Edison.


He returned back to England at the beginning of the 90s and started a collaboration with David Chessell which resulted in class-A triode amplifiers including the legendary 300B tube. These became very popular, mainly in Asia and the USA, and were sold under the familiar name Audion.


Back in Sweden in 1995 and launch of Edison triode kits.


In 2007, the amplifier "The Dream" was launched with the power triode GM70. The development partner was mr. Ola Hesselvall and the amplifier was praised in the Hifi press. Even today, listeners who get the chance to listen to Hesselvall Audio The Dream are highly impressed by the sound quality. The Dream was produced in a smaller series.

After The Dream, Erik had thoughts of retiring for good, he thought he had done his part and more.


The acquaintance with Henrik Westerberg, however, meant that the retirement plans had to wait. For the first time in Eriks career, he created a circuit where transformers from Lundahl are used instead of capacitors as coupling elements between the amplifier stages. The GM70 power triode was coming to use again and the prototype was so successful that it was decided to go into production.

The company Knispel Audio was started by Henrik Westerberg who, together with Erik and Björn Synnergren, refined the design to what eventually became the "Erik Signature 70".

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