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The tube GM70

Graphite anode

Copper anode

For a high-power single-ended triode amplifier, the selection of suitable power tubes is limited. We have chosen the directly heated GM70 for several reasons:

-There is a good supply of new tubes from old stocks (NOS).

-It is very well built and has consistent quality.

-It has good longevity.

-It is a linear tube with very high sound quality.

-It leaves a high output.

According to the data sheet, the graphite version of the GM70 handles a power of 125 watts anode dissipation.

The copper version of the GM70, according to the general opinion, is slightly less tolerant, which is why we have chosen to set the anode dissipation to 90 watts.

Before clipping, the amplifier delivers 25 watts at 8 ohm load.

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