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The switches at the front of the amplifier are carefully selected for tactile feel and click sound. Of all tried, the choice fell on a military-specified switch from the aviation industry by the brand OTTO-controls.


The front panel is milled from a solid piece of heat-aged brass. After milling, the surface is sanded with a hand-held machine and then polished to a mirror-like surface.

Finally, text and symbols are engraved before chrome plating.

Tube socket GM70

The tube socket for the GM70 is 30 mm thick and directly mounted onto a circuit board of 3.2 mm, which is the maximum standard thickness beeing manufactured.


The board also hosts the passive regulation and filtering of filament supply for the power triode.

Same circuit board from above. It is mounted to the 3 mm thick top plate of anodized aluminum with 7 screws.

The construction is very stable with no noticeable flex.



Inside, picture from below. The wooden sides are coated with flame retardant.


The main part of the power supply

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